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Name:Supernatural Angels
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1. Be excellent to each other.
2. Be aware of spoilers.
3. Be respectful of reading lists. Use cuts, standard fonts, and standard colors. Images over 300x300 should be placed under a cut.
4. Fanworks/media must involve at least one angelic being.
5. RPS is not allowed.

Posting Guidelines

1. Please include proper headers.
2. Please rate your fanwork/media appropriately. Including using Dreamwidth's age restriction drop down.
2. Please use the tags. Characters, ships, media type, and ratings. (Note: If the tags you need are not available, either wait for a mod to tag appropriately, or comment at this post.)
3. Please use appropriate warnings. (Note: Het, slash, and femmeslash should never be a warning.)


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Comments, questions, and concerns can be directed here. All comments are screened unless you give explicit permission for the mod to unscreen your comment.

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66 seals, angel, angel banishing sigil, angel killing blade, angels, anna, anna milton, archangel, castiel, cherub, cupid, enochian, enochian sigils, gabriel, garrison, heaven, holy fire, holy oil, host of heaven, human vessel, joshua, lucifer, michael, michael's sword, raphael, supernatural, the trickster, true vessel, uriel, zachariah
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